Barriere unter MTA

Brauche ich unbedingt Calcium Sulfat als Barriere?

Aussage von Angelus ( Dr. Bernabé ).  


Related to calcium sulfate usage when applying MTA in wide-open apex in apecifications I translated part of one article of Dr. Bernabe, which include some particluar application in this case:

…”Regarding the usage of cements for sealing of perforation defect, independently which cement is selected, a concern is the overfilling (overextend) of such material in tooth sustentation tissues. The presence of cement in the external tooth portion takes up space where regeneration should take place. For such concern some authors indicate the application of material to be a mechanical barrier (matrix) avoiding therefore, the sealing material (cement) to be overfilled through the perforation (MITTAL et al.3 e ALHADAINY & ABDALLA16). The materials most often used in this case are calcium sulfate and calcium hydroxide. Both materials are resorbable and present good tissue tolerance.”  Even though Dr. Bernabé and others indicate the usage of calcium sulfate (which is recommended) it’s not a requirement. This step prior to MTA application will give more security for doctors that have few experience to MTA usage and consistency. Even Dr. Bernabé informed us that in his own practice (clinic) he does not use calcium sulfate or any matrix to apply MTA. So this usage is recommended but not required.